The Millennium Challenge Corporation

My blog Climate Resilient Agriculture Grants in Niger Empower Women-Managed Enterprises.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation

My blog MCC Invests in Women in Niger.

The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida

A piece about our efforts working on agricultural extension research in Haiti, under the Feed the Future initiative of the US Government.

The World Bank

A blog by one of my co-authors at the World Bank about research into charcoal in Haiti.

The Stockholm Environment Institute

Research I co-authored with others is covered in short expose by the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Le Nouvelliste

Le Novelliste is Haiti’s premiere print and online newspaper.  Here they cover my research into deforestation, tree-cover, charcoal, and alternative energy in Haiti.

The Associated Press

My World Bank research report on landscapes in Haiti is quoted. This article also references my ongoing, nationwide research (supported by the World Bank) into the quantity of charcoal consumed annually in Haiti, and the geospatial locations of charcoal production.

The New York Times

My research is linked to within this NY Times Op-Ed by esteemed Haiti historian Laurent Dubois (Duke University).

VICE Magazine

I am quoted and my research is referenced in this article in VICE magazine by journalist and author M.R. O’Connor.

SverigesRadio (Swedish Public Radio)

I am interviewed in this Swedish public radio (SverigesRadio) piece about Hurricane Matthew, disasters, and recovery in Haiti (articles in Swedish). Two links:

Huffington Post (II of II)

Bjorn Lomborg (president of Copenhagen Consensus Center) links to my research in the first sentence of his article on clean cookstoves in Haiti.

Huffington Post (I of II)

Fellow anthropologist Mark Schuller mentions my research with the World Bank on charcoal production in Haiti in his Huffington Post column.


Haitian journalist Gabriel Soucaneau interviews me and others about charcoal production and deforestation in Haiti (article in French).